Daphne Gold

Picture of Daphne GoldDaphne has over 30 years of experience in the customer care profession, primarily at Bell Canada, the largest Canadian Telecommunication company. She is an expert in managing the transition of a call centre from a traditional customer inquiry function to a value added strategic asset.

Daphne has been part of customer care industry under both monopoly and competitive regime. Her professional background includes many years of experience in call centre operation with accountability for cost, revenue, and customer and employee satisfaction. She has implemented, or consulted others in implementing, best practices in both unionized and non-unionized environment, improving key performance indicators.

Examples of her work include call centre start-up, development of call centre strategy, work force management, operations review and best practice recommendation and process optimization. She has also designed and implemented many processes such as a customer satisfaction system, an employee feedback system, complaint handling, change deployment, desktop application and training.

Daphne has deep roots in the call centre business, an industry that began as a clerical cost centre and grew to its current professional status as a creator of strategic value for corporations. Her extensive operational experience has created strong leadership skills for doing the right things as well as strong competency skills for doing things right. Teamwork skills are based on a strong belief in the value created by subject matter experts who do the job. Call centre expertise has been strengthened by a long career in the telecommunications business as well as professional development by learning from other world class call centres in other industries. The internal and external influences provided increased sensitivity to the role of a call centre in large organizations, especially in the understanding of marketing fundamentals.

Daphne is an innovative thinker, a change agent and an authority on the call centre business. She enjoys sharing her vast knowledge.

Daphne retired from PAG in 2001 and is currently living outside of Toronto, enjoying her hobbies and sports.