Resource Centre

The Call Centre industry is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. Many new tools and processes are constantly developed to assist call centre professionals to not only manage day-to-day operations of a call centre, but also to execute many improvement efforts. It is rather prohibitive (if not impossible) for one individual to keep up-to-date with the latest trends without investing many valuable hours searching through various sources of information.

On our website, we offer the following collection of related call centre information:

    • Are you new to the industry? Best Practices provides you with a complete list of processes, their definitions and characteristics of best practice for each process.
    • Are you looking for articles on customer care and/or call centres? The section on Articles gives you a good starting point.
    • Or would you prefer to curl up with a good book?  Books will give you a list of relevant titles.
    • Do you have an issue with your call centre? Why not check out the list of common call centre issues and solutions in our Troubleshooting Guide.

The value of this resource centre is based on usefulness of its contents. If you are aware of any other related information that can add value to this section, please contact us and let us share your information with others.