The Call Centre industry is one of the fastest growing industries.  Many new tools and processes are constantly developed to assist call centre professionals to not only manage day-to-day operation of a call centre, but also to execute many improvement efforts.  It is rather prohibitive (if not impossible) for one individual, especially those who are new to the industry, to easily find his or her way around the maze of information!!

The following articles, written by Turaj Seyrafiaan, offer an overview for each specific subject giving enough information to the reader for a basic understanding of the subject.  Our goal in providing these articles is to give you necessary understanding of contact centre operations that you may have not been exposed to in the past.

The value of these articles is based on usefulness of its contents.  If you have any comments or see a need for clarification or perhaps have a suggestion for future articles, please contact us and let us know.

For easier navigation, articles are grouped under broader title, covering specific areas of a contact centre operation such as Operational Indicators or Work Force Management.   It is best to read all the articles within the same category to gain a full understanding of that category.

Contact Centre Management:

Workforce Management:

Operational Indicators

These are series of articles explaining how Contact Centre operation is typically measured.  The articles give you full understanding of the various measurement systems used, what they really tell you, their advantage and disadvantages and why you should use them (or not!).  Operational indicators are divided into two groups.  First four are those indicators that are used to measure how efficiently your centre is operating.  The second grouping offers articles that discuss the effectiveness indicators, how they are measured and what can we learn from them.

These articles were originally published in Taylor Reach Group monthly newsletter.

Efficiency Indicators:

Effectiveness Indicators: