Core Best Practices

This section deals with the best practices associated with the core processes required to operate a call centre. The focus is on operational excellence (efficiency) of these fundamental processes. These are processes that are present (in various degrees) in all centres and make up the centre’s operational characteristics.

On this page we provide a brief definition of all best practices within each of the contact centre pillars.  By following the link (where available) you can find out more about each best practice – a full description of it, its characteristics and relationship to the other practices.

Business Processes deal with tasks executed by call centres to achieve business unit goals.
Best Practice Definition
Hiring & Selection Staffing the call centre with fully qualified employees
Skill and Knowledge Transfer Training and coaching
Force Management Scheduling call centre staff efficiently
Call (contact) Handling Framework and standards for a customer contact
Quality Listening Listening and measuring calls for quality
Fulfillment Completing a customer request
Change Deployment Implementing and institutionalizing changes into the call centre
Call Centre Performance Management Reporting operational data and managing day-to-day operation


Technology deals with automation of call centre activities from a “user” perspective.
Best Practice Definition
Desktop Tools Automated tools for the call centre agent
Infrastructure Routing a customer contact from its source to its destination
Automated Contacts Automating tasks for customers and agents
Process Tools Automating tasks for other call centre processes


Human Processes deal with the capabilities and accountability of employees in the call centre.
Best Practice Definition
Agent Roles/Responsibilities Call centre agent job description
Agent Skill/Competencies Profile of a call centre agent
Performance Feedback Monitoring continuous improvement of agent performance
Leadership Roles & Effectiveness Leadership job description and profile


Strategy provides a sense of purpose for the call centre.
Best Practice Definition
Call Centre Role Customer channels supported by the call centre
Business Model Capability required in serving the channels


Structure deals with the framework of the call centre.
Best Practice Definition
Hours of Operation Open and close time
Call Centre Layout & Design Physical attributes of call centre
Organizational Design Grouping of call centre personnel