Value Add Practices

As described in the Best Practices introduction, this section deals with the best practices associated with the contact centre processes that contribute in ways that add value to the company. Companies value customer loyalty, learning and professional partnerships.  Value Add contribution aligns with the call centre strategy developed by PAG.

On this page we provide a brief definition of all processes within each of the Value Add areas and their corresponding contact centre pillar.  By following the link (where available) you can find out more about each process, its full description, its characteristics and relationship to the other practices.

Customer Loyalty deals with the related drivers of employee and customer satisfaction.
Best Practice Definition Pillar
Customer Satisfaction System Measuring and acting on customer key satisfiers Business
Recovery Retaining goodwill of a customer following a complaint Business
Customer Focused Culture Guiding principles regarding customer philosophy Human
Empowerment Increasing agent capabilities to satisfy customers. Human
Reward & Recognition Programs that acknowledge customer satisfaction Business
Employee Satisfaction System Measuring and acting on employee key satisfiers Human


Learning deals with leveraging information from the call centre’s unique perspective as middleman between the customer and the company.
Best Practice Definition Pillar
Customer Complaint System Obtaining additional value from customer complaints Business
Employee Feedback System Obtaining additional value from employee complaints Business
Process Management Teams Monitoring end to end key business processes Business
Change Initiation Replacing annual planning for call centre initiatives Business
Reporting/Sharing Data regarding customers, processes and transaction costs Business


Professional Partnerships deal with the call centre’s relationship with the rest of the company.
Best Practice Definition Pillar
Operational Assessments Building professionalism via continuous improvement Strategy
Call Centre Strategy Aligning to the corporate mission, vision and strategy Strategy
Service Bureau Model Acting like an outsourcer Strategy
Service Level Agreements Contracts with internal clients Strategy
Client Services Serving internal clients Structure
Emerging Keeping up with the latest and greatest in technology Technology