Training Services

While there is no replacement for knowledge and understanding that comes from experience, there are times when a more reliable and efficient learning can be achieved through class room training.  At PAG, we value and support this concept by sharing our knowledge and experience with your team through interactive training such as courses and workshops.

Our Courses (offered in-house) are designed to provide direct transfer of skills and knowledge to your staff and in most cases offer hands on exercises to facilitate full understanding of the subject.  Each course is developed using real life scenarios (including examples from the receiving contact centre) and adult learning principles.  Courses cover topics such as Workforce Management and Analysis Tools and Techniques.

In addition to the class room courses, PAG also offers workshops as a means to learning as well as developing an action plan with regards to a specific goal.  Workshops emphasize the value of the interactive learning combined with team diversity.  PAG workshops are designed to provide interactive learning while encouraging round table discussions and “out of the box” thinking.  Each workshop covers the related best practices and allocates appropriate time for the team to discuss and plan next steps as the case may be. For example, if you are considering any improvement in your contact centre, you might want to consider our Best-in-Class Contact Centre workshop.

Please contact us to inquire more about our available courses and workshops or any other training needs.