Analysis Tools and Techniques for Contact Centres

Have you ever wondered how to read or present the huge amount of data that is available in your centre?  How about collecting and understanding all the ideas and qualitative data?  Can you present the steps and key activities within your centre in a graphical and easy to understand format?

In this one day course, you will learn about various qualitative and quantitative tools and techniques used for analysis and problem solving in a contact centre.  You will learn when to use each tool or technique, what the required steps in completing the analysis are and how to incorporate them into management of your contact centre.

Participants will learn; Definition of each of these tools, when to use them and full methodology for each tool. Participants will also have an opportunity to practice their new learning with a real-life scenario for each module.

Course Outline:

  1. Process Mapping
  2. Affinity Diagrams
  3. Pareto Charts
  4. Cause & Effect (Fish Bone)
  5. Histogram / Scattered Charts
  6. Force Field Analysis
  7. Run Charts / Control Charts

Who will benefit from this course?

  • Call centre managers/team leaders who are interested in better understanding of their centres and/or responsible for presenting results to upper management
  • Business analysts who are responsible for performing various analysis on the contact centre operational quantitative data and qualitative information