Fundamentals of Workforce Management

Workforce Management (WFM) is an essential part of operations in any contact center. An effective use of available staff can enhance the service level and minimizes the wait time and frustration for the customers. At the same time, a timely and flexible schedule can increase employee satisfaction and ensure that staff are available for various tasks when needed while minimizing the overall operating costs. A complete WFM process is required to create planning documents, call volume forecasts, agents’ schedules and intra-day adjustments.

If you want to learn about the WFM process in general, or planning, queuing theory and forecasting, scheduling and intra-day activities in specific, then this course is for you. This one day course offers an overview of the entire WFM process starting from gathering historical data and ending with reporting and improving the results (and everything in between). This is a valuable course for contact centre managers and those who are new to WFM and a must for future WFM professionals.

Course Outline:

  1. Contact Centre Basics
    • Architecture & Technology
    • Contact Centre Operations, Performance Indicators
    • Queuing Theories (Erlang B, Erlang C)
  2. Planning
    • Work-load
    • Resource Analysis (Staff & Trunk Requirements)
    • Capacity Planning & Budget
  3. Forecasting
    • Forecast Call Volumes and Adjustments
    • Base Staff Requirements
  4. Scheduling
    • Shrinkage/Required Tours
    • Tour Assignment/Schedules
  5. Intra-Day & Reporting
    • Tracking & Adjusting for Actual Work-Load
    • Performance Reporting & Analysis

Who would benefit from this course?

  • Managers who want to understand more about the Work Force Management process
  • Managers who need to act as a small WFM team
  • Workforce Management professionals and those who intend to pursue WFM as a career