Workforce Management – Forecasting

The forecasting process is the second stage of an effective Workforce Management process. This is where science and art meet to predict (with certain confidence) the upcoming work-load not only in terms of volume but also its associated time-lines in order to ensure that the right number of agents is available at the right time.

Attendees learn how to predict contact centre workload and future events. Using various quantitative and intuitive methods and info from the planning document, you will learn how to derive weekly and daily forecasts by the required interval. You will also learn how and why to adjust your calculations, and finally calculate the required base staff as an input for the scheduling process.

This one day course offers a detailed, step by step forecasting process and includes a hands-on realistic exercise throughout the day. Please note that due to significant amount of data analysis during this exercise, use of laptop computers (with MS Excel and an Erlang calculator) is highly recommended.

Course Outline:

  1. Forecasting elements & patterns and their application
  2. Understanding & utilizing various forecasting methods
  3. Forecasting process:
    • Forecasting time-lines (long-term / short-term)
    • Using “Planning document” to calculate weekly and daily forecasts by required intervals
    • Making the required adjustments (why & how)
    • Calculating the base staff required
  4. Common forecasting problems and how to avoid them

Who would benefit from this course?

  • Call centre managers who are responsible for forecasting and scheduling
  • Workforce Management professionals and those who intend to pursue WFM as a career