Workforce Management – Intra-Day

No WFM plan can be carved in stone. The most accurate work-load prediction and the best agents’ schedule may still need tweaking to deal with the realities of the contact centre daily operations. Examples of these realities include increased or decreased work-load for any given interval and fluctuations in staff availability.

Learn how to incorporate last-minute changes and unexpected events into the schedule and maintain a balance between target service level and occupancy rate by monitoring and making adjustments for actual workload. You will also learn what to report and how to analyze performance to continuously improve your Call Centre operation.

This one day course offers a detailed, step by step intra-day tracking and adjustment process and includes a hands-on realistic exercise throughout the day. Please note that use of laptop computers (with MS Excel) is recommended.

Course Outline:

  1. Incorporating last-minute changes into the schedule
  2. Understanding intra-day reports and performance
  3. Developing a “real time” response plan
    • Track and adjust for actual workload to maintain the target Service Level
    • Time-lines
  4. Reporting and analyzing contact centre access (service level)
  5. Continuous improvement – using forecasting, scheduling, and analysis reports to continuously improve contact centre operation

Who would benefit from this course?

  • Call centre managers who are responsible for achieving service level targets and/or intra-day activities
  • Workforce Management professionals and those who intend to pursue WFM as a career