Workforce Management – Planning

Planning is the corner-stone and the starting point of an effective Workforce Management process. A properly executed planning process not only provides accurate forecasts for the upcoming work-load, but also helps contact centre management optimize the use of flexible resources while minimizing the total operating costs.

Learn how to create a customized planning document and conduct the planning process including data gathering and analysis, resource analysis, flexible workforce (e.g. at-home agents), FTEs and budgeting. Other contact centre attributes and processes such as “basics of skills-based routing” and “multi-channel/multi-media access” will also be covered for their impact on the planning process.

This one day course offers a detailed, step by step planning process and includes a hands-on realistic exercise throughout the day. Please note that due to significant amount of data analysis during this exercise, use of a laptop computer (with MS Excel) is highly recommended.

Course Outline:

  1. Planning process:
    • Scrubbing & analyzing historical data
    • Long term forecast
    • Service level & AHT objectives
    • Resource analysis
    • Cost analysis
  2. Planning document:
    • Force flexibility analysis
    • Hiring & training plan
    • Vacation allocation plan
    • Budget
    • What if scenarios

Who would benefit from this course?

  • Call centre managers who are responsible for capacity planning and the budget
  • Workforce Management professionals and those who intend to pursue WFM as a career