Workforce Management – Scheduling

Scheduling is the third stage of an effective Workforce Management process. During the scheduling process, contact centre base staffing requirements (as defined by forecasting process) are combined with availability of resources, other contact centre activities and employee preference to create a weekly / bi-weekly schedule (plan) which specifies when employees (full-time, part-time or remote agents) will be on duty for different activities (on-line and/or off-line).

Learn how to determine the shrinkage in base staff required, develop required tours, tour assignments and create a complete schedule while incorporating agent preferences. Attendees learn how to organize various shifts and how to assign those shifts to individual agents. This course also includes the basics of Skills Based Routing and its use in large contact centres.

This one day course offers a detailed, step by step scheduling process and includes a hands-on realistic exercise throughout the day. Please note that use of laptop computers (with MS Excel) is recommended.

Course Outline:

  1. Scheduling elements & parameters
  2. Understanding & calculating shrinkage
  3. Understanding & developing required tours (shifts)
  4. Scheduling process:
    • Scheduling time-lines
    • Using available staff & required tours to develop a complete schedule and tour assignments
    • Incorporating agents’ preference into the schedule
    • Allocating resources to off-line activities
  5. Skills Based Routing
  6. Common scheduling problems and how to avoid them

Who would benefit from this course?

  • Call centre managers who are responsible for forecasting and scheduling
  • Workforce Management professionals and those who intend to pursue WFM as a career