Any improvement initiative requires a highly motivated team armed with latest knowledge of the subject.  The best way to achieve such teams is to attend an interactive workshop that combines expert knowledge of contact centre best practices with the expertise and knowledge of your team.  At PAG, we emphasize this concept by providing and facilitating a number of workshops.

Currently Pearl Advisory Group offers the following one-day workshops.  Other workshops can be designed for your specific initiatives:

The purpose of these workshops is to assist management teams in four essential areas:

1.     Provoke  “out of the box” thinking

Creativity starts with seeing outside the boundaries of traditional thinking.  Many problems can be easily solved only if we could look at them with a new approach.  “Out of the box” thinking is focused on what is possible; finding solutions rather than dwelling on constraints.

2.     Clarification of scope, goals and priorities

Does everyone on your team understand and support team goals and priorities.  Before stepping into any improvement journey time is spent to make sure that scope and goals are clear and to give team members the opportunity to raise their concerns and establish priorities.

3.     Learn related best practices

What are the latest trends related to the issue at hand?  Do other companies face the same issues?  What have they done about it?  You can give your team a boost by learning all the available knowledge that applies to your situation.

4.     Learn about improvement tools and techniques

Most workshops are structured using a proven technique to arrive at the desired outcome.  This presents a learning opportunity for the entire team to bring them up-to-date with improvement tools and techniques.  Typically, as an outcome, the team walks away equipped with an action plan to reach the team goals developed in the workshop.