Planning and Managing a Benchmarking Study

What is benchmarking?  What are its benefits and are they useful to my centre?  Can I plan and manage a benchmarking project?  There are many misunderstandings as well as questions about benchmarking.  Benchmarking is a powerful process optimization tool that is talked about on many occasions but not truly used to its full extent!

In this one day workshop you will learn about true benchmarking, its benefits and shortcomings, when to use it and what you can expect as a results.   During the workshop, you will learn how to plan a benchmarking project, the steps in any benchmarking project and how to manage them.  The work shop participants will have the opportunity to review contact centre case studies and start planning their own project.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • An overview of an award-winning benchmarking process
    • Jargon
    • Types
    • Process improvement
    • Stages of benchmarking
      • Plan
      • Collect
      • Analyse
      • Adapt
    • Critical success factors and pitfalls
    • Case studies
    • There will be time set aside at the end of the workshop to ensure adequate time for round table discussion.

 Who would benefit from this workshop?

  • Contact centre managers and their team leaders who are responsible for operational improvements
  • Contact centre managers aiming to achieve best-in-class status for their centre
  • Contact centre managers who require significant cost saving